How To Port Airtel To Jio Online 2021 Step By Step Latest Guide

December 08, 2021

 Here are the details on How To Convert Airtel To Jio Online in just a few simple steps. Most service providers have not officially started this process yet so use caution when following these instructions! Check out more information here.

You should port your airtel number to Jio as early as possible. You can get the details on how to do this from your service provider. Make sure they give you an EAS code (Early Alert Service Code) for your area, which you must add to your airtel number.

This will let Jio know to send you text messages and/or make phone calls to activate your new SIM card. To know how to Port Airtel To Jio 2021 read the full article.

How To Port Airtel To Jio Online 2021

You can port your cell phone number to Jio in just two easy steps:

  • First, send an SMS PORT <10-digit mobile number> to 1900 from any existing line that needs changing on the company’s end of course
  • To get started, go to any Jio store, show them your Aadhaar card or other proof of ID and they’ll give you a MNP activation code which you must use within 30 days of receiving it.

Benefits To Port Airtel To Jio 2021

One of the biggest reasons is, when you port your airtel number to Jio, you get many more features and benefits. For example, you get free incoming calls, you get free SMS, and you get the ability to store a maximum of 10 numbers. You also get a voicemail which allows you to listen to your missed calls, and you get calls waiting.

All these are some of the most sought-after features by people who use airtel sim cards. So, if you’re using an android mobile phone, it makes sense to port your number over to jio. Also, there’s no need for you to purchase another airtel sim card because your old one will continue to work fine with Jio.

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